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FitBox offers a ‘no stone unturned’ style of exercise

We combine every element of training together, in order to create a functional and exciting way to exercise.

Every single session we design authentically in house, and once its been completed, we never look to repeat that workout. By doing this our members know that whenever they step through the doors, there is a new challenge ahead for them to enjoy!

Our sessions are aimed at everyone. All of our coaches take a personable and hands on approach with everyone in the room, meaning that we tailor our workouts so that alternatives are always on offer for anybody who may feel uncomfortable, be carrying injury or simply wants to mix it up differently. We have found that everyone gets the best from their time in the Box when they know that they can participate to the fullest of THEIR ability.

None of our timetable is part of any franchise, so anything you see on our timetable will always be explained in depth, demonstrated and then led from the front. No microphones or hiding in the corners of the room. Our coaches are there to make sure you take away more than just a workout, by ensuring you are working effectively and safely during your session.

EVERYONE is welcome at FitBox

Whether you are just starting with fitness, are an athlete, or looking to mix up your routine, our sessions are designed to ensure you take the most out of your workout.

More than just a workout

Our classes are designed in-house, explained in-depth, demonstrated and then led from the front. We are there to make sure you're working effectively and safely during your session.

Join our amazing community

We INVITE you to come and try something NEW! Join our amazing community of hard working and friendly Members, and start your journey to becoming the strongest version of yourself.

owner & head coach

Nick Jones

In July 2016, Nick Jones began FitBox in the hope that an honest and welcoming approach to living a healthy lifestyle, would be the key to creating somewhere that all levels of fitness and ability were welcome.

Client Testimonials

I have been seeing Nicky Jones at fit box Buckshaw village for PT sessions since July 2016 , I was quite worried about what kind of training Technique he would be using as I suffer from back spasms and was afraid I would injure myself further , on my first Pt session Nicky Sussed out my problems and adapted the exercise to my problem , i am now using weights with confidence and not experienced any back spasms , Nicky is very experienced and uses lots of varied exercise equipment which makes each session different , I also train in group sessions mainly doing boxfit this is a brilliant class it’s a good stress buster and targets an all over body workout , the gym is very friendly and Nicky is always on the watch making sure everyone is getting the best from each session.

Madeline Haworth

Having been to a few personal trainers over the years I came across Nick at the Fitbox. I was a bit reluctant to try after previous experiences with other personal trainers had knocked my confidence! From the moment I came in to my first session Nick was so friendly and very approachable. He has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of training, nutrition, the sessions and aftercare. Being pregnant now I was unsure of how I could train in the pregnancy and Nick has been able to create a programme that keeps me fit strong and gave me confidence through the pregnancy! The training sessions are tough, however fun and I have never had the Same session once! Nick goes above and beyond what I would expect from a personal trainer and I personally would say he is more than just your average trainer he is a coach! Thanks Nick for all your help and support!

Kristy Conway

Hard to write a review without sounding like I’m some fanatic fan. But I need to tell you, Feeling overweight, old and unfit is something that ‘used’ to be me. Not anymore. Having completed the couch to 5k a year ago, and gained a bit of self respect, taking that next step meant joining a gym. I didn’t want to go somewhere covered in mirrors and what I thought would be full of sporty fit people, and not fit in. Fitbox and personal PT Sessioms by Nick, has been amazing. Classes are lead by the ‘Machine’ that is Nick Jones, who has more energy, enthusiasm and most of all patience than anyone in his age group would ever have, is where the fitbox reputation starts. This patience and enthusiasm to find the ‘best you’ in everyone is carried through in my 1-1 PT sessions through to all the trainers. You’ll gain friends, get fit and have fun. I recommend anyone to book in either a clas or a private PT session and you’ll see.

Kathryn Mcdonnell

I went to see Nick in Nov 2016. Overweight (and spiralling) and very very unfit, and knowing I needed to do something and get some help. Had been told about the small group fitness sessions by a mutual friend so went in to see him for a chat. His knowledge, experience and understanding of clients needs and then putting that into practice is superb and the trust and ‘bro-love’ I have for him after the time and effort he’s put into me, which has been reciprocated by bucket loads of sweat in his studio is clear to see now. Looking back after 18mths at both my mental and physical strength it’s safe to say I’m now in a very different place!! If you want an understanding and encouraging/challenging PT NJ is definitely your man.

Kevin Munro

I’ve really enjoyed training with Emma – she mixes it up each week to make it fun and has really been amazing in adapting the programme to fit with my bad back. Once upon a time I wouldn’t have trained at all with my back being as bad as it has been but I’ve not been afraid to continue with PT because I knew I’d still be able to do something regardless. Emma is fun and friendly and has definitely helped me get my confidence back in the gym and be more accountable with my food which is where my real issue is!

Emma Curran

Been with Emma for a few weeks now. In a short space of time she has completely changed my outlook to health and I am so motivated which is something I have always struggled with when working out on my own steam. Make no mistake about she works you bloody hard but is so friendly and good humoured as well you genuinely enjoy your training! Great service by a great girl I’d recommend her to anyone!


I’ve been training with Em for just over a year. She has helped me achieve my weight loss and fitness goals. I’m now pregnant and Em has been tailoring my training so that I can carry on as long as possible so the journey back won’t be as hard.


In January 2018 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, something that I have seen take over and destroy people’s lives. I had no one else to blame but myself through years of over indulging on processed foods, take aways and binge drinking. When I was diagnosed, I felt there was no help or support via the doctors Nor the local groups as far as education was concerned. I was told to go to my local pharmacy, pick up my prescription and start to take immediately with no knowledge of the condition…. so decided to take it in my own hands and started to research it. I started to research diabetic personal trainers and came across Vanessa! I thought I bet she is based in London or Birmingham…. But to my surprise, it was Buckshaw village less than a mile from me. From the start Vanessa has been amazing, she is very attentive, always making sure you are comfortable with the condition and has given me some amazing advice. From the start she has been a great support throughout. Not only is she a great personal trainer and coach who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, she has also pushed me to lose 3 stone in body weight and a massive amount of fat loss around targeted areas, along with muscle gain in others (5 inches lost around my waist and growth on my legs, biceps). Not only that she has give me the confidence to live with the condition focusing on diet and exercise. I would recommend her to anyone! Her passion for the job is second to none and she is someone to definitely be accountable towards. I could not have got where I am today without her.

Leigh Gornall

Oliver has been my PT for just over a year now and I’ve never been in better shape. Before I started exercising was an inconvenience to me. However, thanks to coach Stringers personalised sessions I am now an active, self-motivated gym goer and much healthier because of it. I wouldn’t feel as fit and confident if I didn’t go to his sessions once a week and I can’t thank him enough for it.

Rob Walsh

After the birth of my second child I was looking to get back into shape for a family wedding abroad. I came across Ria’s portfolio online which was inspiring and motivational to read through her own journey. Her experience and personality was exactly what I was looking for to get me back into shape. 3 years on and another baby on the way, I’m still training with Ria and achieving new goals. Our programmes are always varied and she has pushed me to levels I never thought possible. I can’t thank Ria enough for all of her help over the years and the confidence she has given me. The results have been amazing!! I would highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking to make health and fitness a part of their everyday life.


I’ve been having weekly PT sessions with Ria since November 2017. During this time I’ve seen amazing results, including an increase in confidence, capability and fitness. At the beginning of my journey I was suffering from low confidence and hated the way I looked, I had a few teary sessions at the beginning but Ria was on hand to offer support and set achievable targets. Since joining Ria my mind set has changed from just wanting to be slim to wanting to be healthy. She is extremely supportive and knows how to encourage you on your journey. As well as offering guidance with exercise, Ria also give advice on food and nutrition which has improved my health and helped me to see results much quicker. I highly recommend Ria as a personal trainer regardless of your current level of fitness.”


The boss!! I came back to Fitbox having done no exercise for at least 12 months, my fitness levels were on the floor and my confidence levels at zero. I came to meet Iain for a chat and everything started from there…I started 1-1 sessions and I haven’t looked back since.His energy, enthusiasm and belief in my ability push me to squeeze every single drop out of every single workout. After only 10 sessions I have seen huge results and feel focused on the challenge ahead.I feel happier, stronger and more confident in myself. I can’t wait to continue with my sessions. Each one is varied and challenging, Iain never stops pushing me to achieve more and I never leave without a smile on my face! I have found myself setting 5am alarms simply to squeeze in a workout, because now I actually want to push myself. I literally can not thank or recommend Iain enough, absolute legend.